The Last Post…

Through Jersey Eyes blog will be ending sometime soon so this is my last post.You can still follow me however on my blog WWW.MVOBSESSION.COM  (click here)

I have enjoyed the past 8 years of sharing my photographs and want to thank all who have followed me, I really appreciate it.

And so the sun sets on Through Jersey Eyes.

Although it is not a bitter end for this blog I thought a photograph of the Bitter End nightclub that was in New York City for many years would be appropriate  🙂


Photo Challenge: Shadow…

*Just a note to let you know that I will not be doing Through Jersey Eyes blog anymore beginning in March.   Please follow me on my other blog .. MV Obsession..  Thank you to all who have followed me here. 


The prompt this week is to show shadows…

The sun streaming thru this store window and the words on the outside of the window were shadowed on the frame inside the store.


Weekly Challenge: Solitude…

The prompt this week is to show solitude.

This statue of a lion sleeping in one of the gardens at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morris Township, New Jersey made me feel a sense of solitude.